Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Flash: "Infantino Street" (5/16)

Oh well.
I don't buy it.

If I actually believed The Flash killed off Iris West for good in this episode, I would give them weird, backhanded credit for the swerve - spending the entire back half of the season with the team doing everything in their power to stop a tragedy but none of it worked because they suck at their jobs and are frequently very stupid.

I mean, I probably wouldn't watch a Season 4 that was built entirely around Iris-Moping or some shit, but I'd give the writers credit for taking a chance. But I don't believe it. First, I don't believe it because this is the Arrowverse and they've devalued character death collectively to such a degree that "wasn't he dead" was used as a punchline for Captain Cold appearing. But second, and more importantly, this isn't a good enough show to kill Iris for good. She's back two episodes into Season 4 at the very latest, but my odds are in the season finalethey do something to break the Savitar "closed loop" and shit gets undone.

Either way, this episode did give me an idea for a Season 4 I would enjoy, but since they're not going to have Snart hang around al season telling Team Flash why they're idiots and being super practical, it'll have to remain a pipe dream. We don't deserve nice things.

Plot-wise, this episode was super dumb. I'm glad the ARGUS thing turned out to be a (dumb) setup, but I wish Snart had been in on it because he should have noticed how odd it was that ARGUS' most top secret of secret facilities that houses a power source that could kill millions has one guard at the front door at night.

Fuck all the time travel causality stuff. But seriously, if Iris is going to take off her engagement ring, the engagement ring right before the final confrontation, the wearing of which was a plot point that ate up four miserable episodes of this miserable season, frankly, she's too dumb to live. But she'll live.

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