Saturday, May 13, 2017

Arrow: "Honor Thy Father" (5/10)

Yep, that certainly was an episode of Arrow. I mean, if you have an episode that pretends to be a climax despite clear clues in previous episodes that it's not the climax and also there's two episodes left in the season so clearly it's not a climax, how can it not be anticlimactic?

Personal issues largely out of the way, this Arrow deals with the tracking and capture of Promootheus, who nobody knows has probably kidnapped Secret Son, and also Oliver coming to grips with the unsavory nature of his father, which he should have done pretty much the first three episodes of Season 2. Thea is

Thea is also dealing with the revelation that her dad covered up a deadly accident in a cement plant or something, because Thea' s back and not fixed yet because wherever she went for three episodes isn't as efficient as Quentin's rehab.

And Wild Dog wrestles with the issues around his custody hearing which I thought he resolved two episodes ago but nope.

Not a bad episode of Arrow, but a wildly unnecessary one.

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