Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Flash: "Cause And Effect" (5/9)

Rough wig year for The Flash.
"That's the thing about time travel,Barry. The more you do it, the less the rules apply to you."

Between this line and the entire subplot of "Maybe The Flash would be better without all of his angst and pain NOPE HE NEED SHTEM TO FUEL HIS SHITTY SPEECHES", I cannot help but delve into an area of analysis and criticism that I normally hate - the idea that the writers are specifically addressing fan criticisms in their scripts.

I hate it because it's presumptuous. It assumes a relation ship between the creator and the audience that is more equal than it actually is. But man, if you wanted to write an episode that's a veiled pushback of pretty much every criticism of The Flash for the past year and a half, this is the script you'd write.

On a related note, was Grant Gustin getting bored? Because this season they've had him play Singing Barry, Future Emo Barry, Future Evil Barry, and Amnesiac Brry, to varying degrees of success that never really get past "serviceable". And when you're consistently missing on the fundamentals, maybe nail those down before you stretch, show.

That said, once you correct for problems caused by this season's plots and arcs, and the ongoing fundamentals the show falls down on, this wasn't completely unwatchable. I actually like the "erase the memories" idea, because it's out of left field, it's the kind of desperate thing they'd be trying at this point, and most importantly, it didn't work. But beyond that and some solid HR, Cisco, and Caitlin bits, a lot of this episode consisted of dumb speeches. Oh, and question - did the power dam[ening jewelry get destroyed, or did Team Flash have a gentler, distracted Killer Frost hanging around their base for like a whole day without them even thinking of or trying to slap the jewelry on her? Just curious.

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