Tuesday, January 30, 2024

FIG PHOTO: “The Ascent Of Groot”


Look, I got all the Groots, at least until they get around to doing super deluxe Kaiju Groot or King Groot. All currently known Groots, so here they are, in age order. 

I tried one in chronological order but not gonna lie, it looked so wonky I didn’t even keep it as an alternative. And all it does is move the last Groot to the first slot. Not that interesting.

Anyway, for the sake of completionism, it’s the Potted Baby Groot and Baby Groot from the Guardians 5-pack, then Teen Groot from Love and Thunder, then Young Adult Groot from GOTG 3, then Adult Groot again from the Guardians 5-Pack. 

I thought about doing the Ascent of Man thing where the middle ones were more stoopy and bent over, but one, I would have had to get out stands, and two, you can’t do anything with the potted and baby Groots, so again it would have looked wonky.

Monday, January 29, 2024

At Long Last, R2 (AKA At What Price, Preorder?)

So I finally got the new Black Series R2-D2, and he’s fantastic. But man, what a hassle. And emblematic of the very small problem of possibly needing to change up how I preorder, and who from.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

MORE STUFF: Marvel Legends


Right. Still got some new stuff. First, a trio of Marvel Legends, each from a different place, at a diferent price, for a different reason.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

WRESTLESTRAVAGANZA PART 4: Two Clearance Things From Target


Right! Time to get back into posting some shit instead of buying it and photographing it and ignoring it or setting it up and photographing it and ignoring it or just buying it and ignoring it. I know my role, as I was instructed to do by the WWE Ultimates The Rock I found for nine bucks at Target.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024


OK, I’m as sick of saying this as you are of reading it, but last time - I don’t love or even like any of these compositing jobs. But they’re good enough.

The last of my immediate post-Xmas wrestling acquisitions, although there was also, um, a trip to Target on Monday that we’ll need to discuss. But this is Private Party, who just returned to TV, so good timing.

Monday, January 15, 2024



 As I mentioned before, not particularly happy with any of these pics, but I’m not doing a whole new setup to fix the problems just for new wrestler toy shots. Next round with more infrastructure should make me happier.

Sunday, January 14, 2024


 NOTE: I’m not happy with any of the backgreound removal or compositing in any of the next few wrestling posts. It’s a new process and I’m working out the kinks. But they do show off the new figures.

First up, Unmatched 7 Thunder Rosa.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Non-Wrestling Post-XMas Clearance Toys of 2024

 I bought a whole bunch of cheap stuff after Christmas, but most of it was wrestling, and For Reasons, those will all be in a separate post.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Final 2024 Preorders Of 2023!

It’s a new year! Which means I can no longer receive 2024-scheduled preorders in 2023! But the toy companies knew that, and that’s why, in the week between Xmas and New Years, I got four toys I wasn’t supposed to get until the first three months of 2024. Still no goddamned R2-D2, which I have been hosed on a second time, yet another Entertainment Earth “pre-order” that suddenly becomes “sold out” without me getting the figure. Anyway.

Friday, January 5, 2024

MORE GIFT: Snow Job!



When it comes to GI Joe, I dabble. I dip in and out, mostly out. I’m looking for for individual toys that strike me as odd or cool or vaguely nostalgic. Which is why I was so disappointed that Serpentor was both expensive and quickly sold out. But anyway, this is Snow Job.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

GIFTS: Super7 Ultimates That Were On Sale!


Ah, Super7’s Ultimates. A line I enjoy mostly from afar, until sales, gifting opportunities, or, ideally, sales AND gifting opportunities bring the price points in line with my misgivings.

First up, a couple of Zords. The Green Dragonzord and the Red Tyrannozord from Mighty Morphin’ Power Ragners. I have the Zord Ascension Project Megazord from Hasbro, and speaking of disappointment at a price point… 

The level of jank in the ZAP Megazord means I’ll never take it apart to use the Tyrannosaurus separately, so I figured I might as well get the 8-9” Ultimates one. Similarly, while they made a ZAP Dragonzord, reviews weren’t great. So, again, Ultimates. On sale.

And like most Super7’s, they look great, have good accessories, and get there by sacrificing articulation. I mean, they’re Zords, they don’t move much as a general rule, but you’re not going to get a lot of dynamic posing out of either of these. But they do come with lots of hand, including the truly excellent missile firing hands of the Dragonzord, metal Power Coins, and mini Power Rangers to carefully balance on their heads. 

Last year’s Lion-O and Mumm-Ra The Ever Living are joined this year by standard, scrawny Mumm-Ra, who, again, is very nice. Hands, some accessories, a wired cloth cape, and, somewhat inexplicably, a plastic cape for freaks who want to take a reasonably articulated figure, limit all his movement, and stick him on a shelf looking like a cartoon. That ain’t me.

Now all I gotta do is find the wrong-bin I put Lion-O in.

Y'all know the answer. So all the free thinkers can all throw your hands up. Ain't no coincidence, this shit isn't random. I'm blaming everything on Cobra Commander

The absolute best of the group? Classic cartoon Cobra Commander, because I got sick and tired of waiting for Hasbro to make one. And boy, does he make up for his single elbow and kknee joints with a cloth wired cape, extra head, all the hands in the world, and a metric asston of accessories lifed straight from the cartoon:

SNAAAAAAKE! WRAPPED AROUND A GLOOOOOOBE! I mean, come on. He’s pretty fucking awesome.