Sunday, May 14, 2017

One Step Beyond: Display Space

Why yes, I do have a problem.

On and off, since December, plans have been afoot for official POP storage. Space was allotted. Lights were purchased. Lumber and paint and bracket swere acquired. And over the past month, those plans have been realized.

The shelves are basic 1x6 boards. The risers are just 2x3's not attached to anything. All painted metallic silver to tie in with future decor plans. The lights are eShine 12" LED panels off Amazon - a three-pack starter set I bought on a whim last year when I saw them on sale, and then five more extenders panels bought when I realized I'd need more. The bottom left one has the motion sensor you can use to turn them all on and off.

Wires are just taped up with wide gray vinyl electrical tape that's pretty invisible underneath and on the sides of the shelves.

The shelves include a LOT of Pops I've posted in the past few months and haven't mentioned, all the way up to the last one I expect to get for a little while, Demon Finn Balor. Have fun zooming in and seeing how many you can identify;

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