Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Flash: "I Know Who You ARe" (5/2)

So Savitar is Future Barry or something. Yay. I'm not going to try to unpack whether this makes sense given everything that Savitar has done and that we've been told about him to date. I'm also not going to try to make sense out of the extent of and limitations of SaviBarry's knowledge of the future and how that affects what he does because that's some time travel shit and we all know time travel shit doesn't make sense on these shows.

Instead, I'm just going to wonder why I should give a fuck? How does Savitar being Barry really change anything? It'll probably factor into the eventual resolution, and hell, I'll go out on a limb right now and say those shots of them filming a funeral that leaked a couple weeks ago were probably filming Future SaviBarry's funeral or something dumb like that.

But beyond that, I don't care. They clearly meant us to care. They clearly thought they were setting up a big mystery and we were all going to be excited for an exact duplicate of Who Is The Evel Speedster Going To Be Actually, but nope. Don't care. Stopped caring about Savitar the instant his mystery identity became A Thing, in fact. Seen it all before.

Which is true of pretty much every characte beat in this episode, espeically the Joe-Cecille story. Retread city. Truns out Joe was telling lies and keeping things from her to protect her but decided that love was important. This lesson was new to him because he does not watch The Flash.

The funny thing is that by Flash standards, the baseline craft of the episode was pretty good. Cisco carried the bulk of the (over)acting and melodrama, and he can pull it off. The new scientist was good even if she seemed to be transported right out of an 80's movie. I'm not sure Iris even spoke a line of dialogue. There weren't many dumb arguments. But the season story is now officially a bigger mess than ever and I just want it to be over because they promise Season 4 won't be about evil speedsters. They haven't ruled out the other two things they suck at - time travel and alternate Earths - but ruling out one of the show's three weak points can't be all bad.

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  1. Here's something I've wondered about since the show began. Why are evil speedsters unstoppable? In the Flash TV universe, there are four good ones (five if you count Supergirl) yet even when Barry, Jesse, Wally and Jay Garrick team up, they're usually at least evenly matched if not overwhelmed by whatever super evil they're faced with that week. However, Thawn, Zoom and Savitar are deemed so powerful that the same people who have no problem facing the Flash don't dare cross them. Killer Frost went after the Flash more than once yet Savitar, who's the same damn guy, has her terrified.