Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Agents Of SHIELD: "World's End" (5/16)

Coincidentally, I, too, am also on board 100%.
You know what I really like about this season of Agents of SHIELD compared to, say, Arrow, or especially Flash?  SHIELD hires grwon-ass people.

The other thing I like, unlike shows like, say, Iron Fist, is that when they finish a story, they finish a goddamned story. Yes, a couple of threads are left dangling. One minor villain is left alive. One aspect of a deal is dangled for the future. But everything else is pretty much resolved, and then the show tells us that at least part of next season will be in motherfucking space.

This finale played by the rules. It played by the rules established earlier in the season. The two big swerves in this epiosde were set in a solid foundation of things we've seen before. All the character beats followed from what we know of the characters. None of it seemed off or weird. They all were dealing with a bunch of shit, and they all dealt with it like the competent, mature adults they've been established as. This is easily AoS's best seaon yet, better even than Season 3, and avoiding the missteps that dragged down last season cough cough Lincoln cough cough.

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