Thursday, December 1, 2016

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Breaker Of Bones)

The entire episode of Lucha Undergournd this week featured Pentagon Dark vs. the Black Lotus Triad, which made for great proper debuts for the memebers of the Triad, and a showcase for Pentagon Dark that also exposes the constant problem of Pentagon Dark.

205 Live (Premiere)

Fuckin' Jack Gallagher!
In the future, 205 Live will be folded into the Wroundup, but given that this is the first episode of the new show, let's talk about things in a bit more detail.

Predictions: TLC 2016

Another damn PPV, another set of predictions. Back to these being separate now that the Weekly Wroundup covers 3 (and soon 4) shows. My overall prediction for the entertainment value of this show? Five out of ten, tops, with Lynch-Bliss being the best match of the night.

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Nov 28-30)

Best thing that happened in WWE all week.
I watched Raw this week using a trial Hulu subscription because of scheduling, and marveled at the lack of filler, before I realized the Hulu version cuts out like a third of the show. Which means that if you don't watch Raw live or DVR it, there is literally no way to watch the whole thing for like a month. It's not available through cable on demand, Hulu edits it down, and the WWE Network doesn't pick it up until a month later. That is crazypants.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 21-27)

A whole new color of Speed Lightning! Yay!
I know this week is the big Invasion crossover, and we already know the "four-night" part is total bullshit, since the only crossover scene on Supergirl was two minutes long, at the end, and repeated on The Flash. But I forgot to write up the stuff I watched last week, so might as well get it in now.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

HateWatch: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Ah, HBO. The only proper way to properly experience the DC Cinematic Universe, aka Zack Snyder's Slo-Mo Adventures. I'd heard a lot about how bad this movie was since it came out, and it still surprised me. It's fucking dire.

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Every Woman Is Sexy, Every Woman Is A Star)

After what seems like a season's worth of promos promising their arrival, the Rabbit Tribe debuts.