Thursday, March 16, 2023

PSVR2: The Software

When last we left off on our VR adventures, I had acquired 10 games. That breaks down to one demo, four free upgrades, one paid but cheap upgrade, and five new titles. Not sure how to break it down but I think I’m just going to go least to most favorite, although none of them are bad.

NEW POPS: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

I’ve mostly reached Pop saturation at this point. For me to want one, it has to both be from a property I really like, a character I really like and also be a really good Pop design. 

Not only do Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fit all three criteria (the show is great, the characters are great, the Pops are great), they’re also surprisingly accurate, given the Funkoesque proprtions of a lot of the art style. Honestly, these capture them in a way I don’t think a six inch figure would, so they were a must grab.



For the most part, the Marvel Legends What If Wave 2 legt me cold. And that’s even though most of the figures weren’t even from What If, they were just lesser characters from MCU Disney + shows. I got the Jimmy Woo because, well, Jimmy Woo, but the guy behind a desk monologing at the end of Loki? No thanks, I’ll wait until he’s Kang. An immobile Howard The Duck? Two more damn zombies? No thank you.

But the Richard E Grant Loki was always a little bit tempting, and he was half-price on clearance at Target, so… yeah. He’s a solid figure, comes with a serious head nobody wants, a goofy head everybody wants, and has more articulation than Richard E. Grant probably does at this point.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

PSVR2: The Hardware

So, yeah, against what I thought was my better judgment, I preordered a PSVR2 a few weeks before release and got it on Feb 22. 

Saturday, February 25, 2023

FIG PHOTO SERIES: Danhausen Gorilla-Press Slams An Increasingly Ridiculous Series Of Things

So, I have this Danhausen figure from Zombie Sailor Figures, and I knew as soon as I got a Danhausen figure I’d want to take picures of him battling all kinds of shit. But the Zombie Sailor figure can only do one wrestling move - the Gorilla Press Slam. Technically he can only do the Gorilla Press, and the Slam has to be implied. 

So, I figured I’d go through the collection and see how many things I could get Danhausen to gorilla press. Most of these are single pictures, by the way. I only resorted to compositing Danhausen and the liftee together once we got into the really big stuff.

These are ranked in increasing order of plausibility, so we start with fellow AEW nwrestler and occasional Danhausen antagonist Maxwell Jacob Friedman, AKA MJF. Perfectly plausible. Let’s move on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

My Personal PSVR2 Launch Lineup

Headset is in town but not as yet on a truck. Same with the controller charger. But my own personal launch lineup, save one, is ready to go:

  • Job Simulator (free upgrade)
  • Vacation Simulator (free upgrade)
  • Pistol Whip (free upgrade)
  • Rez Infinite (paid upgrade)
  • Kayak Vr Mirage
  • What The Bat?
  • Tentacular
  • Star Wars: Takes From The Galaxy’s Edge
Also Synth Riders, but the free upgrade is currently borked on the PS Store so it is not ready to go as such. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

PREORDER ARRIVED: Batman ‘66 Egghead

Happy with the fake reflection on Egghead here.

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’m all in on the Mcfarlane Toys Batman ‘66 line. I mean, obviously, within reason. I’m not getting the many, many Batman/Robin/Joker repaints and variants like the surfing ones or the boxing ones. But any new character, playset, or vehicle? I’m there, as my Target preorder history will show.

Egghead was the only new character in the most recent wave that met the criteria, which is good, because the next wave is kicking my ass HARD. But come on. It’s Vincent Price, for one thing, and it’s a weird-ass tacky villain for another.

Like the rest of the line, he’s perfectly janky. By which I mean he’s so true to the original janky design that he’s perfect. It’s even more true with the playsets and vehicles than the figures, but the line captures the camp of the show so beautifully that even as someone whose “love” for the original show is sporadic and variable, the toys are irresistible.

So don't’ be surprised when mid-April arrives and you see what I’ve added to the collection. IRRESISTIBLE, I said.