Thursday, May 4, 2017

Smackdown Live (5/2)

This Smackdown was really predictable 0 some in a good way, like this is the logical conclusion or next step to a story, and some in a bad way, because wrestling always does things this way.

The Jinder Mahal Credibility Campaign continues, as he defeats Sami Zayn via light Singhterference. I hope Sami's happy in WWE, and that he can find satisfaction in many, many, many jobs well done.

Aidan English is the victim of Tye Dillinger's new finisher. Apparently WWE just now realized what I've known for months, that Dillinger's finisher is also one of AJ Styles mild mid-match transition moves, so they changed it up and now it's almost an F5 knee to the face. It definitely looks better this way. English, by the way, has started pulling his hair and crying when he loses matches, or when he makes The List Of Jericho for crying, so I hope he's saving his money.

In the women's division, The Welcoming Committee, which is either the dumbest or greatest faction name of all time, played out a very old wrestling storyline. They asked Becky Lynch to join them abd beat up Charlotte so they could face Naomi in a handicap match. Charlotte makes it to the ring mid-match in time to make the tag, Carmella wins by cheating, post-match beatdown, Becky comes out, will she join them or fight them? Of course she fights them. Three faces, three heels and the balance of the Force is restored.

They appear to be shifting Breezango from goofy comedy heels to goofy comedy faces, with an extended sketch that mostly works. Clearly someone's been watching Zoolander.

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