Sunday, May 14, 2017

205 Live / NXT (5/9-10)

I'll combine NXT and 205 too, because there's not a lot to say about them either.

205 was a solid  hour with good matches, but it's still just the four stories playing out. Neville-Aries had a fun in-ring celebration between Gallagher and Aries that got interrupted. Mustafa Ali beat Tony Nese while Drew Gulak watched. And Tozawa and Kendrick finally had their first big match. It was a great match, and ended like it should - fluke rollup from Tozawa, beatdown afterwards from Kendrick - so that they can continue and maybe tear things up on the Backlash pre-show.

NXT had another squash for Aleister Black, who I'm liking more and more. A more competitive squash of DIY against Moss and Sabatelli that led to the announcement of a ladder match against AoP for the titles, which is a good move. Nikki Cross had the greatest backstage interview ever. And Hideo Itami became the #1 contender in a match with Roderick Strong that was the PBS documentary of wrestling matches. It's the kind of of match you're supposed to like as a serious wrestling fan, and it was very good, but there was zero real emotional connection or flash to any of it.

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