Thursday, May 4, 2017

Iron Fist: "Bar The Big Boss"

I'm starting to suspect, with one episode remainig, that Iron Fist is not going to pull out of its nosedive.
Let's talk about Danny Rand's skepticism. Nonexistent for episodes 1-9. ON point in episode 10. Used to excelss in episode 11. Gone in episode 12.

Let's talk about Danny's fighting skills. With or without the Iron Fist, fighting one person or dozens, Danny Rand has almost lost but eventually won every single fight, regardless of his opponent's skill level. Back of the truck, the three tournament fights, the Hand students, Drunky, Davos, whatever. Keep in mind that Danny isn't learning anything from any of these fights, nor is he learning anything between them. He just almost loses each one and then wins.

Let's talk good guys. This show has one good guy. Claire Temple. Everyone else in the show is either a bad guy, a good guy who's sort of a bad guy for temporary reasons (Colleen, Davos), or Danny Rand, who's just a pile of suck.

Let's talk, 12 episodes in out of 13, about what anyone has actually accomplished. So far, Danny Rand got laid and Madame Gao got put in a room. Presumably Bakuro will be killed again by Danny decapitation in the last episode, but as we've seen in The Defenders trailer, The Hand clearly survives. It's a very slight list of accomplishments for 13 hours.

Let's talk about the Meacham Three, a collection of largely unlikeable assholes (yes, that includes Joy, who lest we forget fucked with the national transplant registry to close a business deal) who have spent the entire season alternately allying with and double corssing each other for vaguely defined reasons mostly involving family dysfunction. All of whom Danny trusts implicitly for the entire series. For the record, at this point, there is nobody in the show capable of running Rand in a competent and/or moral manner, so maybe Danny will be poor soon!

At this point, I'm having serious doubts that the episode will even leave us with an Iron Fist we can tolerate as a character during The Defenders.

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