Wednesday, June 12, 2024



I got my first (sort of) Pile of Loot!

Technically, I used Pile of Loot sof the first batch of MOTU Cartoon Collection stuff I got, but this is the first BBTS Pile Of Loot that contains a mix of preorders and impulse sale buys and figures I thought I’d be able to get via other means that turned up on Big Bad.

Silver Age Aquaman is sort of a mix of the first and last of those. I tried getting it from a bunch of places, then I found BBTS was taking preorders either again or that I’d missed, so I snagged one. I’ve wanted a classic costume Aquaman for forever, and this fits the bill, with both of his ridiculous faces, the inclusion of QWSP, a.k.a Wet Mr. Mxyzptlk, and his yellow trident. The army of tiny sea creatures came from elsewhere in the collection.

I will say, and will say more in a day or two, about his odd lack of either thigh or boot swivels, which limits his ability to create a very specific Aquaman pose from the late 90’s. IYKYK and if you don’t you’ll learn soon.

Anyway there sere seven things in the Pile of Loot so yeah, I still have a lot of hobbywork to do.

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