Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Got figs 14, 15, 16, and 17 in the mail today, so Wrestling Month is… almost over? Here’s some classic flavor.

This one is YouTube / Danhausen’s fault. He opened some mail and there was an Ultimate Edition Roddy Piper, and I thought “I need an Ultinate Roddy Piper” but I’d missed the retail boat on it and also, upon further reflection, it was an older, beardy Piper. So then he got a Mattel Creations 2-pack and it had a classic Piper and, well, I guess I was getting two figures. Again. Which you’ll see when I post the figure that chronologically should have come before this. But anyway.

Important note. This Piper did NOT come with a ringer T. That’s because this was a weird “Coliseum” 2-pack where they tried to create Ultimate Edition figures that looked like old LJN rubber wrestling toys. And the LJN Piper didn’t have the ringers on the T because they were making rubber wrestlers for kids and didn’t give a shit. So this Piper didn’t have the ringers either. But I have a partner with a large stash of textiles and the skill to work with them, so MY Piper has the ringer T.

He comes with an old mike, a bunch of hands, and a second head. At least. Maybe three? I’d look it up but it’s late and I put the little accessory box away. Head sculpts are really good, though, the shirt and kilt are really well made, and the figure is up to Ultimate Edition standards.

Please don’t look too closely at Mean Gene’s legs. I fudged them because there are to my knowledge zero pictures on the Internet of him doing a backstage interview that includes his goddamned lower half.

I already had a George “The Animal” Steele figure. One of the old WWE Superstars ones from the 90’s. His articulation is limited. I won’t be getting rid of that one because it’s legit hairy, with fake flocked hair, and that’s super gross and also hilarious, but it’s nice to have one that can move around, and that comes with multiple heads, a bunch of hands, a loose turnbuckle pad for him to “eat”, and a weird doll I don’t remember him having and need to research but it is funny and creepy.

I don’t get a lot of 80’s stuff, but there’s a few people I remember fondly from that era and haven’t proven themselves to be completely awful, problematic people (or are dead). Piper’s one, Steele is one. I need to track down a good classic Macho Man at some point, and I have a Ricky Steamboat and the more recently acquired Mr. T and Capt. Lou Albano. 

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