Friday, June 21, 2024


The sub-collection of classic Spidey villains grows…Not sure how I missed this Shocker when it came out. Maybe I wasn’t as committed to the Spidey-villains as I am now? Don’t know. But something reminded me he existed, and he was available, so I threw him in my Pile on a whim and he eventually made his way to me.

With the Kingpin being re-released this summer,the biggies that I still need at this point? Electro, Vulture, Mysterio, Chameleon, Sandman, Kraven, and Carnage. So if Target would kindly make its exclusive Carnage easily available this fall (unlike the preorders) and Hasbro could get on new versions of the other ones, I’d appreciate it, thanks. And a proper comic Kraven, not that weird one you put out last year.

Anyway, Shocker is good! I mean, he’s pretty bog-standard Marvel Legends as these things go - he has his shock effect twirlies, a second pair of forearms I don’t really understand and need to see if YouTube can explain, and standard ML articulation, but he looks like Shocker, so I’m fine with that.

At some point I really need to work on a new improved version of my epifc Spider-Man Heroes Vs. Villains spread pic, but I need my goddamned Scarlet Spider to show up first. 

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