Friday, June 7, 2024

JUNE IS WRASSLIN’ MONTH: Everybody Loves The Acclaimed!


It’s Scissorin’ Time!

Here’s the June Is Wraslin’ Month sstats update:

  • PRE-ORDERED: Four figures
  • ORDERED: Three figures
  • SHIPPED: Two figures
  • RECEIVED: Four figures.
  • PHOTOGRAPHED: One figure..
  • POSTED: Three figures as of thi post
So, 17 wrestlers in total that I should receive during this calendar month, assuming my Unmatched 8 figure was part of the first batch and my Unrivaled 15 figure shows up mid-June like they say.

But this is about The Acclaimed, and these are some top tier Jazwares product. You can tell when they put the effort in. Both Max Caster and Anthony Bowens have normal heads and tongue-wagging heads. Bowens has two scissoring hands. Caster only has one, but also has a mic, a hat, and headphones. They both have standard hands too.

Caster has a soft goods shirt,, while Bowens has a rubbery vest. No articulation-restricting clothes!  Caster also has his neck chain, which is much better than the one that was so bad that it and the head sculpt kept me from getting Eddie Kingston’s first figure.

Sculpts and paint are fantastic, accessories are an A+, and this gives me the motivation I need to sort my wrestling hands and see how many AEW scissoring hands I have. I know I have at least one from Aubrey Edwards even though that was technically a “2” hand.

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