Thursday, June 13, 2024



I only need this one, I swear!

This one was an impulse buy I threw into my Pile of Loot a couple of months ago. The only character in Jada Toys’ Mega Man line I’m ever going to want, Mega Man.

Never really was a Mega Man guy. Because I was never an NES guy, and Mega Man was strictly NES and SNES during his prime. Tried playing, I believe, Mega Man X on PS1, and by that point I was past my prime and Mega Man games are TOUGH. I mean, yes, I do have some intention of going back and trying to play the NES ones on Retroarch in my decrepit era, but I don’t have high hopes, even with save state scumming.

Its Jada Toys, so much like the Street Fighter figures, it’s an incredibly faithful-looking figure that somehow manages to have more functional articulation than should be possible given the sizes and shapes involved. I go on about their engineering all the time but it’s really first-rate stuff and I dream of a day they get the license to the old Tick cartoon. Because damn do I want me some proper modern Tick toys.

Anyway - two heads, a few hands, a swappable arm /and arm cannon, and the blast effect with stand. Gorgeous, reasonably priced, and a one-and-done with the entire line, so what’s not to like?

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