Sunday, June 30, 2024

JUNE PILE OF LOOT FINALE: Super Action Stuff Effects


Since it’s the end of June, I should probably post the last thing from the June Pile of Loot, which took me a while to be able to photograph. It’s an accessory pack from Super Action Stuff that went on sale in a BigBadToyStore /daily Deal so I got it for cheap. Super Action Stuff are the people that made those arcade machines full of fun accessories I got earlier this year.

Anyway, the guns, swords, knives, and head are all from my Joe Classified accessories bag, but everything else - all the firing effects, the blood swipes, the blood splatter, the rocket, the lightning, etc. are what came with the pack.

A lot of the fire effects have holes and pegs and such but I don’t know what thye’re supposed to be sized for. Certainly nothing Classified. But that’s what blue-tac is for. Not sure I’ll ever need the ricochet effects, but again, it was on a good sale, and most of it should come in handy at some point.

As or the rest of june? Four wrestlers, five impulse non-wrestler purchases, and three things I did just for fun. I mean, I do all of this for fun, but you know. Specific ideas for photos versus “look what I just opened up” pics.

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