Sunday, June 16, 2024

JUNE IS WRESTLING MONTH: Asuka, Charlotte, Sasha


June continues to be busy, and continues as I build out the collection of WWE women’s wrestlers with a couple of Ultimates and an eBay snag.

First up, Ultimate Edition Series 20 Asuka. I’m increasingly partial to Ultimate Edition figures over Elites, because of the overall higher quality and accessories, but generally only if I can get them on sale, because the default $35 price point is a smidge too high, even if I do enjoy butterfly shoulders.

So Asuka was one of two Ultimates I was able to get for under $30, and it’s a big upgrade. I do have a pretty good Elite Asuka from a while back, but that’s more her NXT/callup look, and this is more her current Demo Clown look, plus THAT ROBE.

She also comes with the usual extra hands, a mask, and an alternate “just sprayed green mist” head, so all in all, a damn fine figure.

Next, Charlotte Flair, from Best Of Ultimate Edition Series 3. Again, got her for under $30, again, great robe, again, bonus hands and head. A smidge less fancy overall than the Asuka, but still a very good representation 

But this did mean that I was now at 2/4 of the Four Horsewomen with my previously purchased Bayley Elite. Could I complete the four? No! Nearly every Becky Lynch figure is (a) bad and (b) long out of print. The only good one is the Ultimate Edition, and it’s from almost 20 series ago, and cannot be had for even retail, 

But there was a relatively recent (Series 83) Elite Sasha Banks that matches the look of her in my head, and since she’s been gone for a couple years now, it’s the only classic look Sasha I’m going to find.

Biggest upside? The sunglasses (not pictured( and hands that can hold tiny Legit Boss knuckle things (alson not pictured). The biggest downside is that those things are tiny and I didn’t want to fuck with them for the photo given how many toys I’ve had rattling around waiting for photos of late, and also those arm wraps she has really hamper the elbow articulation. When I’m done here I’m gonna hit up an old YouTube about it to see if they can be removed safely.

Now they need to make a new really good Becky Lynch. Or rerelease the Becky Two Belts Ultimate Edition.

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