Saturday, February 25, 2023

FIG PHOTO SERIES: Danhausen Gorilla-Press Slams An Increasingly Ridiculous Series Of Things

So, I have this Danhausen figure from Zombie Sailor Figures, and I knew as soon as I got a Danhausen figure I’d want to take picures of him battling all kinds of shit. But the Zombie Sailor figure can only do one wrestling move - the Gorilla Press Slam. Technically he can only do the Gorilla Press, and the Slam has to be implied. 

So, I figured I’d go through the collection and see how many things I could get Danhausen to gorilla press. Most of these are single pictures, by the way. I only resorted to compositing Danhausen and the liftee together once we got into the really big stuff.

These are ranked in increasing order of plausibility, so we start with fellow AEW nwrestler and occasional Danhausen antagonist Maxwell Jacob Friedman, AKA MJF. Perfectly plausible. Let’s move on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

My Personal PSVR2 Launch Lineup

Headset is in town but not as yet on a truck. Same with the controller charger. But my own personal launch lineup, save one, is ready to go:

  • Job Simulator (free upgrade)
  • Vacation Simulator (free upgrade)
  • Pistol Whip (free upgrade)
  • Rez Infinite (paid upgrade)
  • Kayak Vr Mirage
  • What The Bat?
  • Tentacular
  • Star Wars: Takes From The Galaxy’s Edge
Also Synth Riders, but the free upgrade is currently borked on the PS Store so it is not ready to go as such. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

PREORDER ARRIVED: Batman ‘66 Egghead

Happy with the fake reflection on Egghead here.

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’m all in on the Mcfarlane Toys Batman ‘66 line. I mean, obviously, within reason. I’m not getting the many, many Batman/Robin/Joker repaints and variants like the surfing ones or the boxing ones. But any new character, playset, or vehicle? I’m there, as my Target preorder history will show.

Egghead was the only new character in the most recent wave that met the criteria, which is good, because the next wave is kicking my ass HARD. But come on. It’s Vincent Price, for one thing, and it’s a weird-ass tacky villain for another.

Like the rest of the line, he’s perfectly janky. By which I mean he’s so true to the original janky design that he’s perfect. It’s even more true with the playsets and vehicles than the figures, but the line captures the camp of the show so beautifully that even as someone whose “love” for the original show is sporadic and variable, the toys are irresistible.

So don't’ be surprised when mid-April arrives and you see what I’ve added to the collection. IRRESISTIBLE, I said.

OFF THE SHELF: McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Deadman

What goes into the decision to buy a toy? Well, if you set aside for the moment psychological issues like stress-based whims and weird obsessions, it’s usually a four-variable decision. My affection for the character, the quality of the figure, its suitability for possible photos, and the price point. With Deadman it was mostly a quality thing. The figure just struck me.

IMPULSE BUY: Marvel Select Juggernaut


I’ve been wanting a Juggernaut for the collection for a while now. I really wanted the Marvel Legends one, but it was only available in a Target 2-pack with Colossus, and after a few months of watching the price on the pack creep in the wrong direction on eBay, I pretty much resigned myself to not getting it.

Monday, February 20, 2023

THE LONGEST PREOREER: Zombie Sailor Danhausen


November, 2021.

Less than a month before this, then-independent wrestler Danhausen broke his legs in a match on Halloween 2021. Shortly thereafter, Zombie Sailor started taking preorders for a Danhausen entry in its Heels and Faces line of retry-styled wrestling figures. Of course I preordered one. Original ship date was, I believe, April 2022.

April came and went. No toy. The year rolled on. Zombie Sailor announced additional accessories to make up for the delay. Months passed. The year ended with production updates over the course of November and December. Finally, the figures shipped, and I got mine. Was it worth the wait?

Well, sort of? On the upside, the bonus accessories (jar of teeth, bag of money, hands to hold them) really make the figure shine. It’d be much worse without them. Plus, the cape is great, with a wire for poseability. And generally, it’s a well-made and well-painted figure.

BUT. I’m not a big fan of the LJN retro figure style with the weird proportions, weird scale, and limited poseability. At the time of the preorder, I thought maybe this would be the only Danhausen figure I’d have access to. But  by the time the toy shipped, not only did Danhausen get signed by AEW, his first official AEW figure was announced and should be available for preorder relatively soon. 

Still, this is a look we’re unlikely to get form Jazwares, so I don’t regret the purchase. And the standard hands nd articulation are good for one thing, which you’ll be seeing very soon.

Jimmy Woo, Flynn In Blue, WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE!


This isn’t very interesting. I had a couple of figures sitting in my Entertainment Earth cart waiting for something else I wanted to tip me into free shipping territory, and then a shit-ton of Power Rangers pre-orders hit, and so I grabbed these. the Flynn is like the Infiltrator Flynn I got in that Tron three-pack, only in his correct colors and without all the accessories. He was nine bucks so it was an easy call.

Jimmy Woo is Jimmy Woo. I wanted a Randall Park figure and I’m a fan of the character and sometimes (cough cough almost finished project cough cough normal-looking people are very useful. Plus he’s doing a card trick with is ID which is a nice touch. Glad I grabbed him because this wave came and went in Target in the blink of an eye. and I never saw him on a peg.

TOYS OF 2023: Splinter as Van Helsing


OK. I’ve been trying to alternate new toy posts with not new toy posts but right now, I don’t have a lot else to post about. I’ve been working on a couple of big projects. One of them is getting close to done and the other is done but I have to get through at least some of the new toys before I can post it.

So: Splinter as Van Helsing. I don’t own many (any?) other TMNT toys. I don’t own many (any?) Universal Monsters toys. But when this rat in a coat was announced, it spoke to me. I don’t know why, but it did and I had to pre-order it.

So, yeah. Splinter the rat in glasses and a hat and vampire hunting gear, including stakes, a crossbow, and multiple arrows, including one with three garlic cloves shishkebabbed on it. It’s just cool-looking.

It’s NECA, so the articulation isn’t astonishing, but the legs have way more articulation than I thought once I freed up the joints. Just a nifty little figure. It also comes with a spare head that doesn’t have the hat, but if you’re a “my vampire hunting rat has glasses but NO HAT” we probably disagree on a bunch of other things, too.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

LAST OF THE GIFT PLASTIC: Hulk 20th, Sagitar


I have, for some time now, been wanting to fill a Hulk-sized hole in my collection with a properly-sized comic-style Hulk. I somehow have TWO Ruffalo-faced movie Hulks, but they are small and slightly weird

Friday, February 10, 2023

Sonic Frontiers: 100% Completion, 54 Hours In

Would Sonic Frontiers be better if iit were more consistent? My brain says yes, but…

Fucking Instagram

 So, after some time exploring a world post-Twitter (for me, at least), I’ve decided the most appropriate home for an Oldnerd social media presence is Instagram, which I hate, but Im using.

If you use Instagram and want to use that to track when new things get posted here, feel free. Link is on the left as part of a thing I finally got around to adding.