Monday, June 24, 2024

JUNE IS WRESTLING MONTH: Ring Of Honor Danhausen


OK, I didn’t have time to set up The Arena for this, which is a shame, , and all my old arena pics are in different software, so you’ll have to settle for this kludge.

DANHAUSEN FIGURE #$. Arguably the best one yet?  I think what I’d say is, if you could only buy one of the four Danhausens, buy this one. If you can buy two, this one and Unrivaled 14 “Backstage Danhausen”. 

But honestly, the best in-ring Danhausen for me would be the Hookhausen 2-pack Danhausen with the Ringside Exclusive cape, and then this would be a close second behind that for his pre-AEW look.

Another incredible cape is the main thing. Fully wired, gorgeously printed, just first-rate work. I do think it’s maybe time for Jazwares to make some new heads and include more fists and gripping hands to go along with the curse hands and the Nosferatu hands, but luckily most of the gripping and fists from other figures work. The jar of teeth included somehow for the first time by Jazwares is a nice accessory even if none of the included hands can hold it. Thank fuck for blue-tack. 

Shown here with Max Castor, because he was near the top of the bin and has an open mouth. Extra teeth added for digital fun. I’ll probably redo this shot at some point - I want to set up The Arena soon and make a BUNCH of pictures.

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