Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Smackdown Live (5/23)

Shane's befuddlement here is glorious.
Do you like surprise rollup wins? Then this week's SMackdown Live will get you hard, because there were THREE of them. Which, quite frankly, is a lot.

The first was by Sami Zayn against Baron Corbin, which resulted in Corbin beating Zayn so badly that he had to be stretchered out. Because even when Sami wins, he loses.

This played out against the announcement of the Money In The Bank match contestants: Zayn, Corbin, Owens, Styles, Nakamura, and Ziggler. There's a long tradition of incorporating upper midcard feuds into the MitB match, but this is just three of them stuck together with gum. And, of course, we're involving the secondary belt in the quest for the main belt, which means no storylines around the actual US title for the next month.

The other two surprise rollups were much more fun, as Tyler Breeze and Fandango both quickly got rollup wins over one of the Usos apiece to set up an excellent tag title match that would have been even better if half of it hadn't happened during a commercial break. The Usos won by light cheating again, which would be a better result if Breezango were going to get to keep chasing the Usos and beat them, but word on the street is that the returning New Day will be taking on the Usos going forward.

Im women's divison news, apparently Sunday's match was nothing because Lynch got her win back this week, and theyn they're going to have a five-way number one contender's match because those are WWE's NEW FAVORITE THING and then there's rumors of a women's Money In The Bank match, which I appreciate in concept but will probably be dissapointed by in execution.

And that was it. I mean, yeah, the main event was a decent tag match featuring the otheer four MitB participants and Nakamura pinned Owens, but it didn't really mean anything and with four weeks to go we'll see a lot more of that kind of thing.

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