Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Monday Night Raw (5/22)

Not gonna even talk about this feud.
An unsurprisingly uneventful episode of Raw as the Extreme RUles card is mostly set, and WWE storytelling demands a series of meaningles mixemup matchesin lieu of crafting a story.

We did get some undercard action to varying degrees of mild satisfaction. There's a Who Attacked Enzo Amore Backstage mystery a-brewing, and we know how well those always turn out, right?

The Drifter finally stopped drifting and wrestled Dean Ambrose and won because The Miz attacked him to cost Ambrose the match and I guess sort of further that story.

We learn that Aries-Neville III is a Submission Match by an announcer telling us about it having happened earlier that day because fuck you, Crusierweights.

Apollo Crews is slowly being turned to the Titus Side, which is like the Dark Side only nobody pay attention to any of the bad things you do.

And the Hardys won the right to choose the stipulation for their tag defense, and chose a Steele Cage, because we all rememeber how cage matches are the Hardys' specia;ty and also it will keep out all of the zero people who've been helping Sheamus and Cesaro during their feud.

Luckily, the matches were good, especially Finn Balor vs. Karl Anderson.

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