Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Make Mine More Marvel

OK, really, done for a few weeks.
So the Spidey Homecoming Pops came out sooner than I thought given the movie's release date, so I had to fuckin' get on that shit because I was not missing out on that Tony Stark. Because that Tony Stark is all the kinds of awesome.

Now, since I was there anyway, I also grabbed a Vulture. I skipped Spidey because I have the Civil War Spidey and they're very similar. I skipped the Homemade Suit Spidey because, well, it's ugly. And I skipped the Peter Parker because it looks too much like Arseface.

But then Amazon suggested an Ego, and it was cheaper than average, and I don't have any other Kurt Russell Pops... anyway, I have a problem is what I'm saying.

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