Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monday Night Raw (5/29)

Today, we pay respects to the fallen.
I dearly hop someone in WWE today is arranging for a fruit basket, a medal of honor, a raise, and a note of apology to Alexa Bliss.

She was saddled with a nightmare of a segment. An awful idea called "Bayley: This Is Your Life", which takes the barely tolerable "she's too nice she's a fan I did research on her look ha ha nerd" promos from the Charlotte feud and drew it out with props and bad guest actors.

The crowd turned on it almost immediately, and it went for ten full minutes before Bayley interrupted. Bliss didn't crac. She kept it together, she fucked with the crowd, she soldiered on through the awful material and sold it as well as she could, and just worked her ass off.

The rest was pretty standard build for Extreme Rules. Oh, Finn Balor continues to look absolutely fucking fantastic in the ring, almost winning a triple threat against Joe and Bray Wyatt. The companion match between Rollins and Reigns was nothing special and of course Reigns won because Reigns.

Neville tapped out to Aries, which isn't a good signe, but then I remembered there's 205 tonight to maybe have Aries tap out to Neville and not presage doom for Aries.

A six-man tag combined the tag team and IC title matches to pretty much what you'd expect. Oh, and they've announced a Noam Dar and Alicia Fox vs. Rick Swann and Sasha Banks match for Extreme Rules, which is eitehr the best thing to happen to Noam Dar's career or the worst thing to happen to Sasha Banks'.

In backstage news, The Revival are the chief suspects in the repeated backstage mystery beatings of Enzo, which means they probably didn't do it. Kurt Angle is being blackmailed or something maybe? And I don't know how I feel about R Truth's promo on Goldust except vaguely undomfortable.

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