Sunday, May 28, 2017

Arrow: "Lian Yu" (5/24)

You're telling me NONE of those pockets have zip ties?
I watched this on Thursday and have been waiting to see if I'm any less angry about it before I write about it. And that's not happening.
This was so close to a really good end to a mostly good season. We bring the flashbacks to a close in a slightly anticlimactic sense, with Oliver killing Dolph Lundgren (again)  and re-enacting the bit from the Season 1  opening credits. We get the entire cast running around LIan Yu for what I have to assume is the last time, jumping and punching and kicking and sword fighting. And we have the final reckoning with Promootheus.

And then we have the cliffhanger.

Two things. First, if you're going to have a season-ending cliffhanger, try to make the possibility of falling off the cliff even remotely plausible. The entire cast of Arrow except for Oliver and Secret Son did not get blowed up when Lian Yu blowed up. We all know it didn't happen. None of them are dead. We'll be lucky if Malcolm Merlyn and We Can't Call Him Captain Boomerang stay dead, and they got blowed up halfway through the episode. Nobody's dead.

Second thing, if you're going to have a season-ending cliffhanger, try not to have one that could have been prevented at TWO DIFFERENT TIMES DURING THE EPISODE by two feet of rope. Adrian Chase was incapacitated TWICE in this episode. At least once, and I think twice, after they learned that if he dies, the island gets blowed up. Nobody restrained him. No rope, no zip-ties, nothing. So first he escapes to a boat, and then he kills himself on that boat, because Oliver Queen is a dumdum.

It's just irritating, because it had been going so well, and ended so very stupidly.


  1. Barrowman posted on Facebook that yes, he is out of the Arrowverse though I suppose he'll be back for the next musical episode.

  2. it's the CW. He's out until they want him back in and his agent agrees to terms and then it's time travel or parallel earth orLeague of Assassin's explosives-dodging techniques.