Thursday, May 18, 2017

NXT (5/17)

Come on, Hideo. Dressing like garbage is Ohno's gimmick.
You'd think, with a Takeover in a few days, NXT would have some more shit going on, but no.

Drew McIntyre, who doesn't have a match on Saturday, squashed Sean Maluta and challenged Wesley Blake to a match, so yay?

Apparently Sanity attacked Roderick Strong after the show last week to set up a match between Strong and Young at Takeover. Seems like the kind of thing you'd make happen on the actual show and not flashback clips, but whatever.

Asuka had a very short interview from a car. Sonya Deville, the former Daria Berenato, has a new name and is a heel now after beating Lacey Evans.

In our main event, Cassius Ohno defeated Andrade Almas. Neither guy is on the Takeover card. The match was fine-ish but there was no real reason for it beyond filling time.

And finally, Bobby Roode cut a sort of heel promo and was interrupted by his Takeover challenger Hideo Itami, who, from his outfit, just came over from a porn shoot next door. Itami did the "beat up all the security guards" thing NXT likes to do for angry challengers but it just came off as a less interesting version of those earlier attempts.

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