Saturday, May 6, 2017

NXT (5/3)

Whole lotta this goin' on.
Not a real standout episode of NXT this week, although I do want to give you a theme song update - it's still awful.
The big thing, obviously, was the battle royal to determine Asuka's challenger at the next Takeover. After a very long slog of mostly developmetnal women half-assedly hoisting each other to near elminations and then eliminations, we were left with Nikki Cross, Ember Moon, and Ruby Riot, at which point Asuka came out and destroyed all three, leading to Regal announcing a Fatal Four Way for the belt.

Played better, this could have made a nice counterpoint to Asuka's four-way as a face a couple Takeovers ago, but they didn't really play that aspect up and also William Regal isn't just phoning it in, he's re-routing the call through multiple points so he can't be tracked. But it should be a great match, and may be setting up to get the belt of Asuka without pinning her, allowing her to be a monster on the main roster.

The rest of the show was just standard establishment/re-establishment squashes. Itami over Reevers, Dain over Birch, Heavy Machinery over Two Tiny Guys They Murdered And Those Tiny Guys Are Dead Now Sorry Tiny Guys. Oh, and Part two of Roderick Strong Really Isn't Boring. This week, he has a pregnant fiancee!

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