Thursday, May 18, 2017

Arrow: "Missing" (5/17)

OK, Arrow. We're good.
This season of Arrow has always been at its best when its main villain is 500 steps ahead of Oliver, at a distant, distant second best when wrestling with Oliver's inner demons, and worst when it's dealing with inconsistent ethical dillemas.

The penultimate episode of this season had a lot of the first, a bit too much of the second, and none of the third, so yes, I liked it quite a bit.  I mean, yeah, when Malcolm Fucking Merlynn is telling you you should open up and let people in already and accept what comes with that, it's long past time for this character beat to be accepted.

But that was kept to a minimum and we were mostly left with action and intrigue. and good stuff, and if I have to have some Secret Son to get me some Deathstroke, well, that's a trade I'll make.

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