Monday, May 1, 2017

Iron Fist: "Black Tiger Steals Heart" / "Lead Horse Back To Stable"

Iron Fist leaps to sorta OK with two episodes left to go in the season, A lot of stuff happens, but it's sort of introduced and sort of resolved over the span of these two episodes, so it's too little, too late. Also, I still don't know what's going to be in the last two episodes.

So Colleen is a member of the Hand, but not the Bad Hand, the Good Hand, which gives scholorships and grooms puppies, only it's also the Bad Hand that drains blood and makes Walking Dads but smiles while they do it, and they're either working with Gao or it's a coup situation and also several of Colleen's students are privy to the evil parts of Bad Hand but Colleen isn't?

Anyway, Danny's so mad at this betrayal he can't get his Iron Fist up and has to be saved by Davos, his buddy/rival from Kun Lun who is probably still harboring a secret grudge that will be given too little time in the last two shows. They escape the Bad Good Hand compound with a little help from Colleen and a lot of fighting, but Danny gets stabbed, which gives Clair Temple another opportunity to be THE ONLY ONE TALKING ANY FUCKING SENSE IN THIS ENTIRE SHOW YET NOBODY LISTENS TO HER.

Danny instead turns to UnDad, who's pretty unstable but keeps it together enough for Joy's "my dad's alive"-induced stupidity to be OKwith. Bakuro is re-embezzling the funds Gao embezzled from Rand, and Joy shuts it off with a laptop which will somehow cause Bakuro to leave his house so Danny and Davos can beat hsi ass down, but instead Colleen escapes from being bled to death and hugs Danny and they have some kind of epiphany and now they're not fighting or something it's tough to tell because that's when the episode ends.

That this description somehow applies to an INCREASE in quality over the rest of the series says a lot about this show. It's mainly a matter of pacing. Most of what happens doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it, but a lot more of it happens per minute than at any other point in the show to date, so at least you're not bored. Plus, Danny spends the first of these episodes magically learning skepticism (YAY!) and then spends the second episode petunlantly, if understandably, applying it excessively to Colleen. Again, for this show, an improvement.

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  1. Iron Fist is so bad that having a musical episode where Danny and Colleen sing "I'm Your Super Friend" would have improved it.