Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Smackdown Live (7/11)

You're damn right it's not.
Smackdown heads toward Battleground in full-bore mediocre mode, with talented performer playing out the rote steps in standard storylines.

For example, they put the US Title on AJ Styles at a house show at Madison Square Garden, because  I guess it's time to remind everyone that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT A LIVE EENT, and he puts out a US Title Open Challenge, because he's a face now, and when John Cena answers, I immediately know it's going to lead to an Owens-Rusev vs. Cena-Styles tag match, and it does. I don't remember how that match ended, because who cares?

Jinder Mahal needed someone to beat clean to look strong ahead of his (sigh) Punjabi Prison match against (sigh) Randy Orton, and Tye Dillinger was hanging around, so that's how that went.

Xavier Woods beat Jay Uso in the usual "singles match betwween tag members" time filler, although a singles victory for Woodsd is still a rare thing, so at least there's that.

Oh, hey, all the women on Smackdown will be competing for a #1 contender spot at Battleground except for Carmella because she's got the briefcase and so I guess that's the only storyline the Smackdown women are going to get ever.

Thank fuck for Breezango, even if their Fashion Files this week existed solely to service TENSION BETWEEN THE HYPE BROS, which could be the only tag team breakup story more boring than the Golden Truth breakup.

Nakamura vs. Corbin dind't start, as they kicked the shit out of each other pre-match to set up their actual match at Battleground. The only probable with this feud is that neither one should lose a match to the other, so that's a problem.

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