Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monday Night Raw (7/10)

OK, let's talk about where this week's Raw left key feuds and stories as we had towards Summerslam, which is farther away than you'd think.

Big Cass vs. Big Show: As I predicted from the offhand reference in Enzo's GBOF promo, Cass will be feuding with Big Show for the foreseeable future, and where Enzo Enzup is still a mystery.

The Miz and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt: Ambrose and Miz are still feuding. Wyatt and Rollins are still feuding. Rollins is also apparently feuding with the Miztourage after last night, which is just confusing and annoying.

Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson: This appeared to end tonight with a definitive Balor win, so they'll probably feud for another six weeks on the grounds that not enough Roman Reignses are injured to keep Balor in the main event scene and the IC title is Miz and Ambrose Forever.

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss fucking hate each other. Possibly in real life if you believe Internet rumors.

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar have a "let's fucking kill each other" energy between them which is great, and word is that they'll be joined by Reigns AND Strowman in a giant mess of a four-way match at Summerslam.As long as I get more Joe and Lesnar being pissed off at each other, I'm good.

Kurt Angle's mysterious scandal will be revealed next week and we don't need to talk about the rumors regarding what that might be because ew.

Goldust and R-Truth keep wrestling each other or something.

All the tag teams hate the Hardees because all the tag teams are heels and the Hardees are the only faces unless you count Slater and Rhyno, which nobody does.

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