Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bracketbustin' Lucha Undergroundd: "Left For Dead"

He is the Vest Master!
I put this off for like a week because my predictions were so fucking off.
I mean, sure, Prince Puma squashed Ricky Mantel, and Puma is still my pick to win the grouip, but everything else? Whoops.

I expected the mystery  entrant to beat Son of Havoc when I thought it was Matanza, and I thought it still when it turned out to be Son of Madness, but Havoc won the matach, and Madness only prevailed in the post-match beatdown, leading to the stealing of Havoc's vest, or "colors", asthecommentary team reminded us so often you'd think Eric Bischoff was feeding them lines.

I expected PJ Black to lose to Sexy Star, but Worldwide Shenanigans advanced the Darewolf to Round 2.

And I certainly expected Dragon Azteca, Jr. to beat Dante Fox, but in the match of the show, Fox prevailed due to EVEN MORE Worldwideference, because Mundo's opponent, Rey Mysterio, was on hand to support DAJr.

Going forward, Puma clearly beats The Darewolf. Whether Havoc beats Fox or not is a tougher question. Fox is the pure herl, but Puma isn't a pure face right now. Havoc has the "Cueto stole his title shot" story, which in my heart would lead to him winning the whole thing, but in my head I know won't get him past Puma at best. I'm gonna go with Havoc, but not confidently.

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