Saturday, July 22, 2017

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! "Fade To Black"

Fun fact: GLOW also had "Dare" and "Wolf" in it.
Round 2 continues, with a surprise that messes with my predictions but makes me happy.

That prediction involves Cage. I had Cage beating pIndar, going to the finals, beating Fenix, and losing to Puma in the final 4. I didn't count on Cage no longer being able or willing to remove the Dead God Gauntlet, beating the shit out of the referee, and losing to Pindar by DQ. That means Feni beats Pindar to go to the final four and face Prince Puma, who I still think wins that matchup. Pindare winnig doesn't make me happy, Cage out of the tourney doesn't make me happy, but progression in the Gauntlet Story counteracts all of that.

Puma beat PJ Black in a shockingly competitive and intense main event. It never quite got me to the point where I thought Black might win, but not for lack of trying. Easily the biggest showcase for Black since he came to Lucha Undergound, and I wonder where he might go now that RIcky Mandel is the comedy relief of the Underground.

In between we had Son of Havoc vs. Dante Fox, two guys I didn't have going this far at all, and Dante Fox continued my Group D carnage by beating Havoc. Havoc was handicapped by a chain shot to the head after a pre-match attack by Son of Madness, and still fought valiantly in the loss, and will presumably go on to feud with SoM going forward. Which means Fox is the one who gets to lose to Puma. Should be a great match.

In vignette news, the Worldwide Underground have a new agent, a sort of basic cable comedy version of Paul Heyman. He gets Black a match against Mysterio for next week, which is nice, because that means the two remaining second round matches don't have to fill the show. Oh, and Puma and Vampiro had a rooftop conversation about winning the championship to quiet the voices in Puma's head from coming back from the underworld.

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