Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (NXT)

No. Just stop.
As is traditional with the rare NXT pre-Takeover show, the Takeover stuff is all in video packages and the show itself features side content. So my Takeover Toronto predictions will have to be separate from the main show stuff.

And the main show stuff is just three matches. First, we have more of LIv Morgan vs. the Aussie Mean Girls, when a singles match between Morgan and Peyton Royce turns into a post-match mosh when, of coudrse, Billie Kay interferes. Aliyah comes out to help and is ineffective, so it's up to Ember Moon to actually connect with the Women's Division for the first time and make the save.

The Drifter Elias Samson is back to beat a jobber. Apparently his prolonged absence was due to an ankle injury, and not everyone thinking his gimmick was awful and unplasant to sit through. Full Sail remembers, however, and shits all over THE RETURN.

And in our main event, poor Centric Alexander and Cien Almas have their feud on a Full Sail taping and can't even swing a Takeover match. It's a solid outing, if a bit slow, and Cien wins after getting to the ropes after a Lumbar Check from Alexander, then low-blowing him with the middle rope, and then hitting a weird DDT finisher where he holds the guy's arms behind his back. I assume this means their feud continues, or that Alexander's gonna be spending all his time with the Cruisers on 205 Live.


Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger

This is a very tricky prediction, because of two things. First is, is this the end of ther feud? If it's the end of their feud, Dillinger should win. If not, Roode will. But also, Toronto is Tye Dillinger's hometown, and WWE loooooooves making hometown wrestlers lose. So I'm gonna go with a Roode win here.

Dusty Classic Finals: Authors Of Pain vs. TM61, Ellering Suspended In A Shark Cage

The shark cage thing is apparently a reference/callback to Ellering's career, which I know jack shit about. The removal of the Authors' edge seems to indicate a TM61 win, and TM61 could use the trophy more than the Authors, but at the same time, are they the team to beat the monsters? I'm gonna say yes, but I'm not comfortable with it.

Tag Team Title Match: The Revival vs. DIY (2/3 falls)

DIY wins here, and when they do, Toronto's going to FUCKING EXPLODE. This rivalry has been hot as fuuuuuuck and the Brooklyn match had DIY coming SO CLOSE and it's gonna happen here and it's going to be insane.

Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Asuka

There is absolutely no reason, no reason whatsoever, for Mickie James to be beating Asuka here. None. At all. Not even sure if the match is gonna be any good. But Asuka had better retain.

Men's Title Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe

We need to move on from this feud, and the only way to do it is for Nakamura to win and for Joe to be called up. There's nothing for Joe to do in the NXT midcard. We don't want to see Joe vs. Bobby Roode. Really we don't. Let Joe lose Intercontinental and US title matches for a bit while Nakamura takes on a few more challengers. Nakamura retains, and I hope the intensity in the buildup actually makes it into the match this time, unlike their last meeting.

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