Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin; Wroundup (NXT)

He is Pentagon Nakamura and he has CERO FUCKS.
This week NXT comes to you from Full Sail and California, because for some reason they taped the Dusty Rhodes semifinals at a live event and the filler stuff at FUll Sail.

We get the Dusty stuff out of the way first. DIY come closer than anyone else has to defeating the Authors of Pain. They even get a faux pin on them, hitting their double-kick finisher and missing out on the three-count because Ellering distracted the ref. Then The Revival pop out from underneath the ring to cost them the victory. This leads to the announcement of a 2/3 falls match, DIY vs. Revival, for the title in Toronto, which is gonna be fucking amazing.

meanwhile, which is to say subsequently, Sanity spends most of their match with TM61 dominating them, and developing additional quirks and schtick that are starting to endear Wolfe and Fulton to me, especially Wolfe. TM61 gets a lucky turnaround, though, and a quick pi to escape and make the finals. Good choice - TM61 has looked strong throughout and Sanity's first loss doesn't weaken them.

Back at Full Sail, Rachel Evers is here to remind us that Ember Moon is still on the roster and still doesn't have a name for her finisher yet.

Finally we have the Nakamura-Joe contract signing, made extra awesome by six security gards dividing the ring in half to keep them apart. Joe counters this move by bringing his own table out to the entrance stage to do his half of the signing. Shinsuke doesn't give a fuck, wrecks all the security guys, powerbombs one of them through his signing table, signs the contract, and drops it, and it works as a face move for reasons I don't even fully comprehend. If they bring the intensity to Toronto that was missing from their

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