Sunday, November 27, 2016

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Every Woman Is Sexy, Every Woman Is A Star)

After what seems like a season's worth of promos promising their arrival, the Rabbit Tribe debuts.

Paul London's in a Mad Hatter/ringmaster getup, Mala Suerte, a sort of stocky dude in a mask and mohawk, and Saltador, in a full body white and black checked optical illusion suit. Mala Suerte is the murdered Mr. Cisco, not showing any of the in-ring skill he was displaying right before he was "murdered", and Saltador is the also "murdered" Siniestro De La Muerte. Rabbit Tribe loses a title match to the Superfriends. Post-match, Kobra Moon continues her extended callout of Drago.

Backstage, Mack pulls some "shoulda been me as champ" shit on Sexy Star, and I am relieved when he's just joking.

Killshot and Dante Fox have a match already, after just two interactions. Bit of a weak buildup, but the match is insanely good. These two guys are REALLY well matched, and I hope this isn't the end of their feud. With Fox winning the opener, I can't imagine it is.

Backstage, Johnny Mundo and Dario Cueto verbally spar in Cueto's office, then Cueto walks down a dark hallway into his office to find Black Lotus there. Continuity oops. And they've been so much better about that this season. Anyway, the Black Lotus Triad wants Pentagon Dark, so they have him, in a modified Gauntlet Match where Pentagon faces each member in turn, regardless of the outcome of the individual matches. Should be fun.

And finally, it's time for Sexy Star to match Fenix for shortest title reign in Lucha Underground history. Now, I don't think Star needed a long title run, but I also don't think she needs the belt a second time, so while the match was fine, and the finish, with a disguised Taya costing Sexy the belt, was solid, I wish it had happened later, after maybe one or two successful title defenses. She'll probably feud with Taya for a while while Mundo has a more traditional title run.

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