Thursday, September 8, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (SD Live)

Guess they're the BOOSOS now.
I'll be honest, this is pretty perfunctory. I've got the Lucha Underground post ready to go next, and it was so very much more better than this week's Smackdown. But we have a PPV coming up, because now there are nineteen of the fucking things every year. So here's the final buildup.

We start with a talky bit around the six-way for the Women's Championship. Daniel Bryan still fuckbotches sentences to an ALARMING degree. Becky Lynch starts, is interrupted by Natalya, Alexa comes out to talk some awesome shit. Carmella interrupts next and the banter quality drops significantly. Naomi and Nikki come out to save Becky from being teamed up on by the heels, it breaks down very briefly as the segment peters out to music that might be Nikki Bella's new music or something?

BACKLASH PREDICTION: Becky Lynch has still never held WWE gold. She totally deserves this win, should get this win, and had better get this win.

Shane McMahon can't keep his sentences straight either. Anyway, The Miz complains a bit about his IC match with Ziggler at Backlash. The Miz then wrestles Apollo Crews to kill some time and give Ziggler a chance to sit ringside and interfere after some crowd-popping offense from Crews. Ziggler costs Crews the match.
BACKLASH PREDICTION: I will always bet against The Miz because I always want The Miz to stop being Intercontinental Champion. This makes me wrong a lot lately.

BRAY WYATT IS SPOOKY. He's being spooky at Randy Orton because they have a match at Backlash.

BACKLASH PREDICTION: Bray Wyatt doesn't win PPV matches and Randy Orton needs to look strong after Summerslam, so Orton will win. Then Orton will probably be spooky at Ziggler or something.

What seems like the third face-heel six-person tag match featuring the entire Smackdown women's division. I suppose this one is different because Nikki's on the face team and Carmella is on the heel team. Carmella taps Nikki out with the Code of Silence, which tells me neither of them will be winning on Sunday but they'll have a program afterwards.

Usos-Alpha are in the tag tourney semifinals, so I guess they won't be in the finals. Usos go heel right at the start, but ALpha hits Grand Amplitude 30 seconds into the match for a quick shocking win. A post-match Uso beatdown gives me a pretty good idea of where this is going. And the other semifinal match confirms my suspicions when Slater-Rhyno defeat The Hype Bros.

BACKLASH PREDICTION: And there's an even bigger swerve, as Talking Smack announces that the Usos "injured" American Alpha, so the Usos will face the Hype Bros to see who will face Slater and Rhyno in the finals. So the Usos will win and then lose to Slater-Rhyno in the finals, instead of Slater-Rhyno defeating a weakened Alpha.

AJ and Dean Amrose have a pretty decent Main Event Chat to hype their match on Sunday. It ends with AJ Styles kicking Ambrose in the nuts. I guess each show gets a ball injury plot too.

BACKLASH PREDICTION: This is actually the toughest call, and could go either way. I'm gonna go with Styles here - I think they need to maintain the momentum from Summerslam, and I'm not sure what the belt is doing for Ambrose at this point.

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