Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Obligatory Wrapup)

OK. The premiere of Agents of SHIELD is on my DVR right now, so I guess I'd better talk about the last three episodes of Powers, which I've been putting off and/or haven't been getting around too.

Powers: "Chasing Ghosts", "Slain Dragons", and "Legacy" (35% Stupid)

Ultimately, these three episodes encapsulate more of what I don't like about Powers than what I do. I like the setting. I like the story they're telling. I like the characters and I like a handful of the actors. But they way they've been telling the story is a goddamned mess.

The last three episodes covered the fall of The Ghost, the madness of Super Shock, and the ascendance of the Baby Heroes, but managed to throw Pilgrim getting powers, getting killed, coming back to life, and then Walker getting killed into the whole thing. it's all disjointed and scattered, clearly suffers from them not knowing they were going to be cancelled, and asks more of a LOT of the actors than they're either willing or able to provide.

And it's a shame, because the story isn't awful. How do you stop the most powerful being on the planet when he goes insane? The ultimate solution isn't great, but it's passable, once you get past the acting. And the stuff they set up for a nonexistent third season - powered Deena, and a hint at some of the weird shit Powers got into in its later volumes about the nature of powers and where they come from, is interesting stuff, if handled deftly. But they don't handle it deftly, so it's tough to get excited about. Or sad about there not being more.

Apres this, THE DELUGE.

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