Friday, September 2, 2016

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Back To Powers)

D'oh! Boy!
Getting there. Powers is still pretty good, sometimes very good, and never really great. Three more left.

Powers: "Requiem" (15% Stup)d)

This one started slow, but finished strong. The death of Triphammer landed with a wet thud, not the emotional impact the death of a major character usually has, but by the end, after a fight with a supervillain, a party, the revelation of who was behind the death of Retro Girl, and the resulting hurling of said Wil Wheaton out of a skyscraper window, things picked up and improved nicely. The acting is still a little weird, and Deena is still the best part of the whole show, but it was pretty satisfying. We end with the next generation of heroes, Martinez, Zora, and New Retro Girl hanging out and waiting for dinner to be delivered. Which is more interestng than I made it sound.

Powers: "Origins" (30% Stupid)

This episode marks a very clunky transition from the Who Killed Retro Girl story arc to the Who Killed Senator Powers Guy story arc. While the seeds of this final arc were planted previously, we still have Walker and Pilgrim suddenly back on the force, with no ramifications to throwing Wil Wheaton out a window beyond Pilgrim not feeling great about it. Pilgrim not feeling great about stuff is the most coherent throughline, because she also feels bad about her dad's trial and whatever corrupt means he's using to get out of it. I'm not sure what it was, because the actor playing her father has a really raspy voice that's tough to understand.

We also get a bunch of flashbacks to World War I and World War II, showing the early days of Super Shock, Retro Girl, and a new Power, The Ghost, who's occasionally a Nazi. These flashbacks somehow manage to be well-executed and really cheesy at the same time, and I'm not entirely sure how they pulled that off. They're definitely trying to make us think Super Shock killed Senator Superpower, but this Ghost character is an odd one to introduce with three episodes left in the season.

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