Friday, April 28, 2017

NXT (4/26)

Pretzel Party on NXT!

A lot of OK stuff on this week's NEXT, but it's really all about the UK title match.
Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross brawled A LOT. They brawled to open she show, and then their match never happened later in the show because brawling. As undercard feuds to to keep NEX women busy while other people go for the title, this is one of the best ones in years, because Cross is so fucking awesome at being feral and Ruby can keep up as long as she's not on the mic. The title contender will be decided in a battle royal next week, and I expect Ember Moon to win.

As expected, Drew McIntyre beat Andrade Almas fairly handily this week, but neither guy answered the question "why are you in NXT" with any real conviction. They're both kind of like Hideo Itami in a way. Very talented, very competent in what they do, but bad at being special.

On a related note, a long video package on Roderick Strong explained to us that he's bland because his mom shot his dad when he was young. It was actually a good video, but that was the gist of it.

I'm not sold on Aleister Black just yet, but I'm getting there. This week he squashed Kona Reeves.

I didn't expect Jack Gallagher to win the UK title, and indeed, Tyler Bate retained, but until the somewhat out of nowhere ending, it was a fun technical submissions match where the two Brits pretzeled the fuck out of each other for like ten minutes. Fun and different.

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