Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Smackdown Live (4/4)

Remember how, in my Raw post, I mentioned how the post-Mania shows are good for debuting lesser superstars beloved by smart fans and letting the crowd reaction turn them into a big deal, like with Enzo and Cass a year ago? Well, hello, Tye Fucking Dillinger.

There were two big NXT debuts on Smackdown this week, and one of them was handled perfectly. The other one was weird and botched, but lucily, it was Nakafuckinmura, so it won't hurt him.

Curt Hawkins came out, issued an open challenge, and told the locker room he'd give them a count to... TEN. BOOM. Dillinger's music hits, the crowd goes apeshit, and Dillinger proceeds to have the kind of debut squash that makes him look like TEN million bucks. This made me very happy.

Later in the show, The Miz and Maryse were doing their Cena and Nikki impressions, talking about how they were going away from Smackdown for a long time. And as they were winding out, Violin Guy came out and did the ive Nakamura music entrance. Nakamura then did his full entrance, posed, and left. Why did he interrupt Miz like that? Maybe Miz went long and they were up against a time thing? Nakamura didn't speak, the announcers barely spoke, but the crowd went super nuts for him, so at least that part went well. And of course, Nakamura on Smackdown!

In other news, Naomi cemented her new title with a one on one win over Alexa Bliss, Mojo Rawley celebrated his Andre The Giant Battle Royal win with an awful backstage promo and maybe a new catchphrase, the tag division is still in complete limbo, and Erick Rowan is back yay.

Let's talk for a second about how Bray Wyatt has been booked for literally four years straight. Right after a Pay Per View Event, Bray Wyatt decides to be spooky at someone. He is then spooky at them for three to five weeks, they wrestle at the next PPV, Wyatt loses. REPEAT. So what happened last night? Bray Wyatt Spookytronned Randy Orton, challenged him to a House of Horros match, which he will totes lose if it's for the title, lost his post-SPookytron attack when Luke Harper came out to help against Wyatt and the returning ROwan, whose beard is now even more part of WWE's burgeoning Beard Problem. Then they lose their main event tag match against Harper and Orton too. It is a testament to Wyatt's work in ring, and as a character, that even after four years of this, none of it reflects badly on him. But man, he so deserves better than this.

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