Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Agents of SHIELD: "Identity And Change" (4/11)

If there's a complaint to levy at Agents of SHIELD at this point, it's that it's so consistently competent, and the characters are so well established at this point, that actual surprises are kind of hard to come by.Even when they try to change things up with the Mirror Universe versions of the characters, nothing's truly shocking, because odds are, none of it really matters. There's a chance, for example, that Virtual Fitz's cold-blooded murder of Radcliffe's beloved Agnes might have consequences once they escape The Framework, but it'll probably be TV Consequences where people are sad and angsty about it for three episodes before moving on.

But goddammitt, the show is just fun to watch. It's not arty. It doesn't have anything to say. But it's well-crafted, plot-driven, keeps moving, and most of the time isn't fucking dumb, and you never have to worry about it shitting the bed the way you do with a CW show. And that's a commendable thing.

Plot-wise, this episode moves people around a lot but the net result seems to be that Mack is with the group now, Sky is a prisoner now, and Radcliffe is... somehow in play? I'm sure they'll explain it in the next week or two.

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