Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Iron FIst: "Immortal Emerges From Cave"

Now, see, that's how you make a not particularly great, but at least watchable, episode of Iron Fist.

There are three things going on in this episode. First, and foremost, is Iron Fist beaing people up by punching them and kicking them, which the show desperately needed more of. Especially because preparing for these fights and having these fights is pretty much the only thing Danny Rand does all episode, which means he's not doing any of his other stupid bullshit.

Because this is only episode six, Danny can't ultimately be victorious, so he's kinda dumb, but at least he's dumb in ways that work with his shitty character. He falls for a seductive poison-lady (marking the second time in the show he's been roofied by a woman, which does not actually balance the scales with his weird behavior towards Collen and Joy and Claire) and then learns that Madame Gao isn't honorable, which, yeah, duh to anyone not Danny, but for him it makes sense. And it actually establishes his internal struggle between his purpose as a living weapon and his humanity, This is the most interesting thing that's happened to his character so far, There are acting and writing issues still holding it back, and of course everything the character did in the first five episodes, but it's better.

Ward goes through opioid/Space Heroin withdrawal, and it's super-cliche, but executed with a modicum of conpetence, I guess?

And Claire and Colleen spend the episode caring for Russian Heroin Hostage, finally take him to the hospital, and of course what everyone said would happen happens and they take him despite the women's best efforts. Not sure where this is going from here.

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