Sunday, April 23, 2017

Iron FIst: "The Mistress Of All Agonies

That was better, although, once again, largely because it couldn't have been worse.

This episode divides neatly into two stories that, with the exception of a chance meeting that makes no sense, never touch each other. The first story is the one where a tied up Madame Gao owns the living shit out of all three heroes, shrugging off sodium pentothol so effortlessly it makes the dumb Getting Sodium Pentothol subplot even more irritating. Also, Colleen is poisioned and it's a good thing they saved her because apparently two to three lessons from her are enough to let Claire Temple kick the ass of trained armed mercenaries thanks to some borrowed tiger claws.

Anyway, the heroes are saved from their bad ideas by Colleen's presumably sorta-Hand friend who showed up two episodes ago andI didn't mention because the show was specifically teasing him for later and now it's later.

The other story is, of course, Night Of The Living Dad, as Harold Meacham emerges from being dead to wander around New York and puke up ichor and act creepy and reveal himself to Joy and argue with Ward and kill his assistant because resurrection makes you crazy.

Oh, and Ward got arrested for heroin possession and, like any rich white guy arrested for drug possession, ends up committted to the same psychiatric hospital Danny Rand was sent to, presumably because of UnDad's influence, but also Ward was totally using the Space Heroin and has been really sloppy lately so that part was maybe real?

And, in yet another instance of the show testing my ability to believe what happens in a fantasy superhero show, A Guy spies on Our Heroes by hijacking a food truck, folding shuriken out of aluminum foil, and embedding those foil stars in the wall of the food truck. There are ways to present this that could make you think "holy shit, that's cool", but the show didn't utilize any of those, so all I thought was "COME THE FUCK ON."

For the record, with nine episodes in the bag, I have no idea what job Our Heroes are trying to do, but I know they're not doing a very good job at it.

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