Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Iron Fist: "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

In the fifth episode of Iron Fist, there's a scene, a moment in time, at encapsulates almost everything that's wrong with this show. Later, there's a kinda shitty fight that covers the rest.
So our hero, Danny Rand, is talking to his assistant. First, he calls her his apprentice. Then he says she has to do whatever he wants her to. Then he says she could get hi Fruit Roll Ups. Then she explains the duties of an assistant. Then he asks her for the point of the scene, information on a shipment to THE PIER.

Can someone please explain to me how I'm supposed to feel about the fucking protagonicst of this fucking show after this scene? Because I can't figure it out. Was this banter? Was this a prelude to him keeping his assistant in a pit in his basement? Was it a wacky fish out of water moment? All three are equally plausible and equally implausible.

After a few weeks off, Full Icky Iron Fist is back in control this week, throwing his weird weight around, "accidentally" controlling other people's lives, mainly Colleen Wing's, and everyone's just fine with it. Or maybe mildly irritated. But they let him get away with it, and then the writers once again have Danny give a sort of apology for a tiny fraction of the things he's doing that are weird and wrong to let us know he's a good guy, really.

And while we're at it, if Colleen Wing is supposed to be Danny Rand's romantic interest, fine, but maybe we could have a buildup to their relationship that might even remotely work between any two normal human beings? I know Danny's not a normal human being, but Colleen is, and having anyone, especially a street smart New Yorker, somehow falling for Danny's weird bullshit defines reason.

But hey, Claire Temple was in the episode, mostly to throw the amateur hour halfassery of the rest of the episode and show into sharp relief. There's also a plot about a lawsuit and some heroin and a scientist, but all I really care about from that is why Danny Rand has a tough time kicking the ass of a single thug bodyguard. I mean, I guess he was high up enough in The Hand for Gao to murder him personally for failing, but still, if Danny has that much trouble dispatching one Hand, he's gonna have a hell of a time fulfilling his purpose to defeat all of them.

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