Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Monday Night Raw (4/10)

OK, fine, I like Braun Strowman now.
I'm not going to talk about the Superstar Shakeup moves until Smackdown's over and all the moves are finalized, but some other stuff happened on Raw too
First, of course, Braun Stroman attacked Roman Reigns while Reigns was trying to give the world's blandest face promo about retiring the Undertaker, makind Strowman the hero here. First he beat Reigns so bad Reigns had to be put on a stretcher, then he shoved Reigns' stretcher off a ledge, and then he TIPPED OVER THE AMBULANCE REIGNS WAS IN.

It was an amazing fake feat, and will only be diminished a week from now when Roman appears fully healed and OK.

Seth Rollins cut a great redemption promo and got Kurt Angle on his side.

Elias "The Drifter" Samson continued a recent trend of transitioning from just plain awful and dumb to hilariously awesomely awful and dumb. After losing a Loser Leaves NXT match, he showed up at a Takeover dark match as "El Vagabondo" in a mask, which is a gimmick I will fall for EVERY TIME, and then on Raw, he just wandered across the ramp, saying and doing nothing, during an otherwise pointless eight man tag between The Clerb and Shining Stars / Shesaro and the Hardys.  I fully support this move.

Chris Jericho is back, showing that poweromb through a table recovery time is one week.

Emma and Dana Brooke can't act, in case you were wondering. (You weren't.)

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