Wednesday, January 17, 2024


OK, I’m as sick of saying this as you are of reading it, but last time - I don’t love or even like any of these compositing jobs. But they’re good enough.

The last of my immediate post-Xmas wrestling acquisitions, although there was also, um, a trip to Target on Monday that we’ll need to discuss. But this is Private Party, who just returned to TV, so good timing.

Marq QUinn and Isaiah Cassidy, performing their iconic Silly String maneuver,while facing Samoa Joe. Who I picked up on clearance a few weeks ago and… never posted about? He was the Target exclusive and he was super cheap and I decided i needed a new old Samoa Joe to go with my old young Samoa Joe.

They come with sunglasses, extra hands I wish I’d remembered they came with when I set up this shot because grabbing hands would have made it go a LOT easier than fists, and cloth tank tops. So, solid B+ Jazwares figures.

And now we leave Jazwares behind. This is Boss Fight’s Black Taurus, from the Legends of Lucha Libre line. Do I love the engineering? Not really. It’s a very basic figure in terms of joints and overall quality. But it’s the only game in town for a Black Taurus figure, and the costume detail is very good. Not how he looked like at ROH Final Battle or in the Vikingo rematch on TV - a bit cartoony - but a lot of detail. And after those matches, I really wanted a Black Taurus. Seen here pitted against Supreme Penta.

And finally, Mick Foley! I inventoried the wrestlers over the holidays, and learned that the only Mick Foley I had was a horrible bendy. That needed rectifying, and Mattel’s recent Defining Moments Foley was still available. His “Defining Moment” is from the certainly very defining “fall off the Cell” match with the Undertaker.

Because he’s from that match, he has the skewed tie sculpted in, which is less than ideal, and he has a bloody head with a tooth sticking out his nose because, again, an iconic and defining image. I prefer the plain head, which you can use with our without the removable Mankind mask, which is nice.

I may also need to get the relatively recent Commissioner Foley figure for a more late in life Flannel Mick, but only if I can find him at a really good price.

Seen here bashing Entrance Greats HHH’s head into the turnbuckle.

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