Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Final 2024 Preorders Of 2023!

It’s a new year! Which means I can no longer receive 2024-scheduled preorders in 2023! But the toy companies knew that, and that’s why, in the week between Xmas and New Years, I got four toys I wasn’t supposed to get until the first three months of 2024. Still no goddamned R2-D2, which I have been hosed on a second time, yet another Entertainment Earth “pre-order” that suddenly becomes “sold out” without me getting the figure. Anyway.First up, Garfield! Yes, my No Way Home wave pre-orders are now complete, with Andrew Garfield joining Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in the Spidey collection. Redeeming Garfield’s Spider-Man (a good Spidey in two absolute dogshit Spidey. movies) is one of the many excellent things No Way Home did, and it’s nice to want this figure, much less have it. 

Pretty standard Marvel Legends Spidey stuff here - nice human head, nice masked head, decent articulation although not AMAZING, some but not enough hands.

Continuing with Marvel Legends, here’s Crystar, the latest in my violations of “only buy toys of characters I care about, not toys that just look cool” rule. I could give two shits from Crystar, but he is translucent blue, made of crystals, and has a clear sword and shield, so unlike Crystar, I am not made of stone.

He’s nifty.

We wrap the new Marvel Legends with classic comic Vision.

I don’t, or didn’t, have a good Vision. I missed out on the MCU versions, and also the MCU versions aren’t really colorful enough to even match my image of the movie version. I do have a translucent white MCU vision from an old 3-pack, but that’s of limited utility.

Anyway, he’s bright and green and up to all the current Marvel Legends standards.

Not gonna lie. Late summer, early fall me was sold on the idea that I needed to replace / supplant my Beskar Armor Mando with this version, with slightly improved articulation, a cloth cape, and a Darksaber. It was an easy call to make given that it wasn’t supposed to be out until like April.

In retrospect, is it THAT different? I’m not sure. I mean, it’s nice having pretty much every Mando accessory I might want - the spear, the long rifle, the pistol, a coupla jetpacks, but I probably could have passed on this and been happy. But I didn’t, and I have it, so that ain’t awful either!

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