Tuesday, January 16, 2024

FIG PHOTO: The True Mega-Powers

This is why I needed two scarves. 

This is a recreation of one of my favorite photos, from back in 2021, when Danhausen and MJF were at some convention or event together, and this moment just perfectly captured their characters and what would happen if their characters met.

Could I have done this with two scarves and post-production? Yes I could. But this was easeir.

It’s the Unrivaled 13 Danhausen, the head from the Unmatched 2 MJF I just got, the body from my Ringside Exclusive Excalibur, my AEW Announce Table, and its accompanying backdrop, and then the table posters and Danhausen’s convention badge from the original picture:

Not bad. I mean, the scarves match because they’re the same toy version of the real scarf instead of one real scarf and one merch scarf, and Jazwares, you’ve made six Danhausen heads so far, you could make one that’s smiling. But given what I have, I really think I nailed this.

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