Sunday, January 28, 2024

MORE STUFF: Marvel Legends


Right. Still got some new stuff. First, a trio of Marvel Legends, each from a different place, at a diferent price, for a different reason.

First up, The Orb! Who is apparently some Ghost Rider villain but all I know is that av 

But to me, he’s a weird dude in an Evel Knievel outfit with an eyeball for a head. Didn’t want to pay full price for him, but I was ordering some gifts off Hasbro Pulse anyway and he was on clearance, so I threw him in the cart. And he’s fun! He has an eyeball for a head! How could he not be fun! Not sure why “evil eye charts” was my idea other than my half fucking century of optometrist visits

Next up is Clea, from the Marvel Knights wave, shown here with the Wal-Mart 2022 Dr. Strange, which also happens to be the first new toy I ever took pics of when I started with the whole photo tent green screen deal.

Clea started as a pre-order from Entertainment Earth, but much like R2-D2 (which is a whole post in and of itself) they hosed me out of it and it went to “backordered” before I got one. So I went to BigBadToyStore, who I like better but they charge a buck extra for figures plus shipping so they can’t be my regular source, who had Cleas, so I grabbed one plus another figure (who I bet you can guess who it was) to dilute the shipping, and boom.

And she’s very nice. Modernish take on her general vibe, as far as I can tell, but it looks sharp, the leg circle design is very cool, and she’s on a reasonably modern Hasbro female body. Unlike another purple magic user…

Sometimes, you get a figure even when you know it’s kinda bad. Why do this? Well, if you’re not sure if they’ll ever do the character again or do the character justice, and you like the character, and the figure is down to six bucks at Target, you wince and get Agatha Harkness, Evil Cone of Magic.

This entire DIcney+/What If wave was a mess, honestly. An ugly D’Onofrio Kingpin, a bland Talos and old Nick Fury from the very bad show, a Yelena Belova in the dull Hawkeye gear, What If Season 2 figs of Warrior Gamora and Goliath when I haven’t even watched the show yet, and Agatha. And her big dress.

You’d think, with a century of modern materials science behind us, there’d be a way to put dresses on action figures that didn’t completely restrict their movement and look kinda like ass. But nope! We haven’t cracked that yet. Not at the standard price point, at least. So Agatha’s a traffic cone, and even better, one with limited arm movement too for some reason. And a slightly wonky face sculpt. But it IS a Kathryn Hahn Agatha, and it WAS only six bucks, so into the collection it went.

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